You have probably heard Pilates mentioned on television or in relation to American celebrities keeping their bodies in great shape. Pilates is a low impact, full body workout suitable for every age and fitness level. Focus is on strengthening core muscles, particularly abdominals and gluteals to improve posture.

Pilates is both goal-specific and time effective Рan essential requirement for the busy lives we lead in today’s society. Pilates helps to create long, lean muscles and tones all those hard to target areas such as abdominals, buttocks, inner thighs, back of thighs, sides and back of the arms.

Who can benefit?

Pilates is for everyone. Fully qualified instructors are trained to deal with people from all walks of life, levels of fitness and any age.

– Range of motion– Back and neck pain
– Blood circulation– Stiffness
– Joint mobility– Joint inflammation
– Flexibility– Stress and tension
– Energy levels– Swelling
– Strength of muscles– Pain from
– Stamina– Osteoporosis
– Balance– Arthritis
– Co-ordination– Chronic weaknesses

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1st April 2019 Pilates can no longer be claimed under your private health fund.

Our Pilates sessions

We offer individual, half-hour Pilates sessions that include mat work and equipment:

Mat work includes fitballs, weights, theraband and other pieces of equipment to perform exercises for core muscles, general toning and flexibility.

Pilates equipment used in these sessions includes a reformer and trap table with resistance provided by adjustable springs. These springs can be adjusted to individual ability at each exercise sequence.

Individually tailored programs target specific problem areas and goals. Exercises are progressed as fitness and strength levels improve.

A more extensive list of our equipment is listed below. This equipment can be used in sessions for a full body workout that targets core muscles and incorporates posture and flexibility:

– Reformers  / Thoracic barrel
– Trapeze table
– Bosu & balance beam
– Gym ball & foam roller
– Magic ring, bodyblade & gymstick
– Whole Body Vibration