Exercise Physiology


What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise physiology focuses on ‘exercise as medicine’ in two main areas:


– For people recovering from injury
– For people with chronic conditions including diabetes, obesity, arthritis, chronic pain


– For people trying to lose weight and increase fitness
– For people trying to improve sporting fitness and performance

Conditions Treated Include:

– Diabetes
– Joint & muscle pain
– Obesity
– Weight control
– Arthritis
– Heart disease

How Do I See an Exercise Physiologist?

No Referral Needed:
– If you are uninsured or claiming through private health insurance.

Referral Needed:
Veterans & War Widows – you can be BULK-BILLED with a referral from your GP
– Medicare –you can be BULK-BILLED under an EPC with a referral from your GP if you have a chronic disease or injury

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